Future Plans

We are adapting to the calling of the times and working for sanity and grounded presence in our approach to meditation and somatic integration.  This is in service of  intelligent and practical connection for the well-being of everyone.

Into the Fall of 2020 we will be introducing more 21-Day transformation practice and learning cycles.

We will continue with weekly classes and special theme daylong sessions.

Into the New Year 2021 will be more opportunities for in-depth training and practice.

These trainings include a spectrum of traditional qigong and dao yin practices with special emphasis on developing skills for creating, preserving and maintaining health and well-being. Participants also learn the skill of the life-affirming practices of Radiant Heart Qigong.

These practices include:

  • Radiant Heart Qigong Practices and Principles
  • Neigong Practices and Principles
  • Interval Breath training practice
  • Ba Duan Jin
  • Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing Study and Practice
  • Clearing the 10 Fields
  • Yi Jing Trigrams Qigong
  • MicroCosmic Orbit and Grand Circulation
  • Seated Qigong and Shi Er Duan Jin
  • Foundations in Liu He Ba Fa
  • Foundations in Bagua
  • Foundations in Xing Yi
  • Taiji Qigong
  • White Crane Qigong
  • Practical and Advanced Dao Yin
  • Spirals and Flow Qigong Forms
  • Integrated Circles Qigong
  • Meditation
  • 5 Elements Qigong In-Depth
  • Wudang Qigong In-Depth
  • Esoteric Qigong forms for Health and Healing
  • Selected Medical Qigong forms and foundations
  • Energy Anatomy and Understanding the “maps”
  • Foundational Energies and Postures of Tai Chi
  • Micro Forms of Tai Chi
  • yes, there is more…
  • Personal guided meditation and guided qigong-meditation
  • Design of individual meditation, dharma and qigong home practice

  • Working with physical, emotional, psychological and energetic elements and phenomena that arise in the practice of meditation, dharma and qigong