About Scholarships

Dharma teachings are considered precious and beyond any monetary value.  Therefore the Dharma cannot be sold or bought.

This is the ancient way of preserving the purity of the teachings and the authenticity of the lineage. Dharma teachings are given from the heart in the spirit of dana (literally, “generosity”) and may also be received in the spirit of gratitude – without the slightest consideration of reciprocity.

The Dharma is always without cost.  Production and other services to provide online teaching are not without cost.  Supporting the teacher, the teachings, and the process with dana is an ancient (and now modern) tradition and is unique to each person’s means.

To embody this spirit of generosity in modern times, we have created a sliding scale for our offerings to honor individual situations.  If the low end of the sliding scale is still not affordable, we invite you to request a scholarship for weekly classes by writing to QigongDharmaDana@gmail.com

We are happy to make this investment in supporting your practice, and we are confident that you, in turn, will honor your commitment to attend these sessions.

Please only request scholarships for sessions you can attend.

You will then be given the scholarship passcode to register for the session(s) you select.  Please send your request at least 48 hours before the session.  For special events and depth training, partial scholarships will also be considered by request.

Thank you for registering at the highest payment level that is appropriate and sustainable for you.

All communication is confidential.

Your registration supports and makes online teaching possible.

Support is unique to each person’s ability.

Nothing is expected; everything is appreciated.

Everyone is warmly and equally welcomed!

Thank you for your kind and generous support.

May all beings benefit!

With love and gratitude,


This is an 8-Week Immersion into Qigong/Neigong and Meditation with a focus on enhancing the health and vitality of the Immune system.  We develop well-being through knowledge, the skill of our practice, conscious choices in life-style, and with our hearts and minds inclined toward harmony with the Dao.

Each online streaming session is 90 minutes.

There are 8 consecutive Monday sessions beginning Monday December 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM (PST)

and concluding on Monday January 25, 2021.

Every session is recorded and viewable for registered participants until March of 2021.

Additional instructional and practice videos will be made available throughout the course.


Our future with COVID-19 is still uncertain.

Presently there are no absolute interventions or cures.

The distance to “post-pandemic” life is unclear.

Yet, we still need to center in our lives and to reclaim order and meaning. We want to establish a positive direction and vision and lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable.

While we can’t control the actions of others, we can cultivate values that embrace compassion and wisdom.

Genuine empathy and compassion is wisdom in action, even with one small step at a time.

Cultivating the strength of our immune systems is among the most extraordinary acts of self-responsibility we can perform. It is not difficult, but it does require a commitment to the knowledge and methods that positively impact our entire human being.

Join us for these multi-layered teachings and practices that enrich well-being by strengthening the immune system and enhancing our hearts and minds’ with centered stability.


Week #1 ~ Begin Where You Are
Monday, December 7th 2020 10:00 AM(PST)

Begin Where You Are, means acceptance but not resignation.  It is a letting-go of projections and then resting in the imperturbable Presence of Being.

Meeting the Challenges of the Time

The Purpose of this practice

The Overview of the Course

Setting the Intention

  • A guideline for relating to these practices and this approach
  • The importance of a Healthy Immune System
  • How Qigong can positively impact health
  • Balanced expectations about practice
  • Seeing the “True Refuge” of Practice
  • Qigong/Neigong: Foundation of Breathing & Fluid Energy Spirals
  • Seated Dao Yin
  • Guided Meditation: Immune System Resilience

Week #2 ~ The Skill of Breathing

Monday, December 14th 2020 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Recap of Week #1 practices and perspectives
  • Overview of Week #2
  • Breath and the Immune System
    • The interconnected lattice-work of the eco system of our being
  • Essential Science of the Breath
    • Overview of the Respiratory System
    • Anatomical Breathing
    • Physiological Breathing
    • Energetic or Spiritual Breathing
  • Why Qigong Breathing is unique and how it contributes to Whole-Body Health and Vitality
    • The distinction of FIRE method (YOGA)
    • And our approach WATER method (RHQ)
  • Cultivating the Qualities of the Breath
    • Natural relaxed attention and ‘relaxed’ Intention
    • Soft and Smooth
    • Relatively full and even
    • Fine
    • Quiet
  • Qigong/Neigong: Pathways of Breathing Practice
  • Interval Breath Training
  • Seated Dao Yin
  • Guided Meditations:
    • Settling the Energy of the Breath “Qi” into the lower Dan Tian area
    • Practice with the Qualities of the Breath
    • Releasing control of the breath into ~
    • Resting in Ease with Natural Breathing

Week #3 ~ Clarity is the Pathway of Wisdom; Circulation is the Doorway to Health

The value is Clarity; the method is Circulation

Monday, December 21st  2020 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Recap of Week #2 practices and perspectives
    • Circulation is more than Blood Flow
    • Connecting with Internal Circulation (moving from ‘Idea to Feeling’)
    • Health of the Lymphatic System
    • Qigong/Neigong: Swings and Spirals
    • Seated Dao Yin
    • Guided Meditation: Seated Dissolving Qigong Meditation
      • Golden Rain of Healing Qi

Week #4 ~ The Radiant Field of Health is

Centering in Well-Being

Monday, December 28th 2020 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Recap and Review Weeks 1, 2 and 3
  • Health is more than just the physical body; Health is about the whole of human life.
  • Qigong for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health & Well-Being
  • Refuge is not retreating from life
  • Reset is the ground of renewal
  • Qigong/Neigong: Pulses and Waves
  • Seated Dao Yin
  • Guided Meditation: The Golden Atom Meditation

Week #5 ~ Fresh Start with Renewed Confidence

Clear Intention and Secure Commitment

Monday, January 4th 2021 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Fresh Start in the New Year
  • Meditation in Motion; Meditation in Stillness
  • What to Practice; When to Practice
  • Longevity Qigong Neigong practices
  • Seated Dao Yin
  • Guided Meditation: The Vibrant Field of Internal Health

Week #6 ~ Coherency for our Evolving Future;

and Forgiveness is for Liberating our Past

(Coherency & Dharma)

Monday, January 11th 2021 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Review and Recap Week #5
  • Overview of Week #6
  • Practice is now; Breathing in the World of NOW.
  • Making a needed life course corrections
  • Perspectives on your Life-Path
    • Qigong Integration with Longevity practices
    • Meditation for Wholeness

Week #7 ~ Finding Joy in the Eye of the Hurricane

(Accessing your “Feeling” Intuitive Emotional Body)

Monday, January 18th 2021 10:00 AM(PST)

  • Review of Week #6; overview of Week #7
  • Mind Training is Heart and Spirit Training
  • The Joy of Discipline
  • Finding Natural Regulation of
    • Body
    • Mind
    • Life-Force Energy “Qi”
  • Natural Conservation of your vital resources
  • Awesome Qigong/Neigong
  • Guided Meditation: Resolving the Paradox


Week #8 ~ Course Review and Refinements

(Onward Motion)

January 25th 2021 10AM (PST)

  • Course Summary and review
  • You can’t fool practice
  • Staying engaged and motivated
  • Genuine appreciation for Evolving Practice
  • Looking forward; Looking backward; being present
  • Community Time
  • Metta Blessing

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