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Welcome to Qigong Dharma

Your Radiant Heart extends throughout space.
Kindness and Compassion touches all of life.
All of life is your luminous face.
~ NagaBukko the Snow Leopard

Radiant Heart Qigong is the meditative art of conscious embodiment. It recognizes, honors, cultivates and nourishes the ‘energy’ aspect of our being. Qigong perfectly complements traditional sitting meditation practice and has a long and well-established history connected to contemplative traditions. It is, in fact, a complete meditation system in itself.

Teja Bell has more than forty years experience training and teaching energy arts, healing practices, and the Dharma. He is an accomplished martial artist and teacher of Aikido (6th degree Black Belt) and in the Chinese Internal Arts, and is a recognized Rinzai Zen Master and lineage Dharma teacher. He offers classes, workshops, retreats, and private consultations blending energy practices, dharma, and meditation.
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