Personal Counseling

Teja works individually with those who want more personal attention to their practice. This counseling includes all aspects of meditation and qigong, spiritual practice and what arises in these endeavors. Your personal request for the scope and depth of the session is honored. This may include the following:

  • Personal guided meditation and guided qigong-meditation
  • Design of individual meditation, dharma and qigong home practice

  • Working with physical, emotional, psychological and energetic elements and phenomena that arise in the practice of meditation, dharma and qigong

  • All aspects of counseling are personal and confidential.
  • $150.00 per hour session. Sliding scale is available for multiple sessions.
  • $108.00 per hour session for students and teacher trainees.
  • Phone sessions are available.
  • Skype Sessions are available. NagaBukko – Skype name.
  • Dana is also acceptable for sessions.
  • To contact Teja go here.