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Extraordinary Daylong Retreats 2020

QigongDharma Retreat

5 Elements / 5 Precepts

Finding Well-Being Through Qigong and Dharma

with Roshi Teja Fudo Myoo Bell

This silent retreat is an immersion of well-being and sanity through the gifts of the Dharma and Radiant Heart Qigong.

The 5 Elements Qigong is a classic healing and restorative practice that works with both structural health and internal health, focused primarily on the internal organs. This is an easy set of exercises to learn and remember while connecting us with an immediate sense of well-being. It also provides the groundwork for discovering the benefits of continuity of practice.

The 5 Precepts are a pathway to sanity and ethical presence in our lives. We will be discovering the importance and relevance of these essential guidelines. They are not a set of rules, but a conscious engagement in spiritual well-being. The 5 precepts are the foundation of the Bodhisattva way.

We will connect to the qigong and dharma as embodied presence with centering and grounding skills.

Each day will include contemplative practice and restorative qigong, with periods of sitting and walking meditation.

Meditation instructions are offered each day, along with time for questions and inquiry.

Teja will offer daily dharma talks that support the central themes of the retreat.

Hosted by SBMG (Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group)

Date & Time

Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 3:30 PM – Sun, May 3, 2020, 11:00 AM PDT

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Jesuit Retreat Center of the Sierra

1001 Boole Rd – Applegate, CA 95703

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

QigongDharma Deer Run Zendo Daylong Retreat

The Power of Radiant Presence

Saturday March 14, 2020

QigongDharma Deer Run Zendo Daylong Retreat

Seasonal Qigong

Saturday April 11, 2020

QigongDharma Deer Run Zendo Daylong Retreat

Clearing the 10 Fields/Bone Marrow Cleansing

Saturday May 9,2020

QigongDharma Deer Run Zendo Daylong Retreat

Dao Yin and Radiant Heart Neigong

Saturday June 13, 2020

QigongDharma Deer Run Zendo Daylong Retreat

Radiant Heart Qigong


Ongoing Weekly Meditation and Qigong Class 2019;

with Teja and Certified Teachers;

Yoga Garden Studio in San Anselmo;

Everyone Welcome, Monday Evening 6pm to 7:15pm;

Drop-ins and new students are most welcome.

January: 2020: 6, 13, 20, 27

February: 2020: 3, 10, 24 – Teja / February 17 Betsy