Radiant Heart Qigong In-Depth Training

and Level 1 Teacher Certification v5  2018-19


Registration Open NOW!


(Opening Weekend)

Saturday         October 6th                1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            October 7th                 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday         November 3rd             1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            November 4th             12:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday         December 1st              1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            December 2nd             12:00pm to 5:00pm


Saturday         January 5th                  1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            January 6th                 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday         February 2nd               1:00pm to 6:000pm

Sunday            February 3rd                12:00pm to 5: 00pm

Saturday         March 3rd                     1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            March 4th                    12:00pm  to 5:00pm

Saturday         March 30th                  1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            March 31st                   12:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday         April 27th                     1:00pm to 6:00pm

Sunday            April 28th                    12:00pm to 5:00pm

(Commencement Weekend)

Greetings and welcome:

The Radiant Heart Qigong In-Depth Training and Level I Teacher Certification Course is designed to be inspiring, educational and truly transformational.  The training process is not difficult but it is engaging.  My intention in this training is that each individual gains embodied understanding of Radiant Heart Qigong and the universal principles that support it, along with developing the skills and the confidence to be completely successful in guiding and presenting the essential practices of Radiant Heart Qigong – if you so choose.  Everyone in the program will discover their personal growth edge and experience the challenge and the life-changing benefits of this embodied and integrated learning.

As your teacher and guide, I will support each person’s accomplishments and success.  You will also be supported by the mentors – a selected team of previous graduates who will be participating right along with us.

Each individual has their own unique way of ‘whole-being’ or embodied learning; many modalities of learning are engaged, and each is honored.  This course is a container for integrated and compassionate learning.  We are working in an evolving dynamic process of genuine transformation – based in science and reason as well as the mystical and spiritual, drawing on both ancient and modern ways.

What’s going to happen during the course:

As you engage in this process, things will move in your being.  More than just the physical, your energetic, emotional, mental and psychic being will be positively impacted.  This is the process of awakening.  Your engagement in this has the potential for significant change in your understanding of yourself and the Universe.

Many have reported it as a “coming home” to who they are.

Participating in the course you can expect to gain greater physical strength, emotional balance and mental clarity, better concentration and a deepening sense of knowing ‘center’ and ‘grounded connection’ – as an embodied reality! Transformation takes place in the neurological and physiological dimensions of our being as well – this too is part of the design of the advanced training and takes place in a natural and balanced way.

It is very important that you let the teacher and the program manager know any health concerns before beginning the program, and any changes during the course.

All communication with Teja and the mentors is held in confidence.

Between the monthly sessions:

Every month is a pre-scheduled one+hour group check-in on the phone.  This is also a very powerful opportunity for growth and sharing your experience.  It is an essential and important intimate part of this training.  Everyone is requested to fully participate.  If for some reason you cannot be present for a call, please let us know in advance.  These calls are recorded for future reference but your live participation is important for continuing the sense of connection, and so much more – as you will see.

Guidelines for your participation:

As you have chosen to do this training, you have also been called to do this work.  Come with curiosity, joy and whole-heartedness and your attention will be richly rewarded.

It is possible that participants may need to miss a day or a weekend during the course.  Making up for classes is permitted and supported.  Class materials such as video and audio files and written documents can be accessed through a teacher’s portal on http://www.qigongdharma.com/teachers-portal/

You will work directly with a mentor to make up the missed material.  If possible, please let the program manager know in advance if you are going to have to miss a class.

There may be selective videoing during the weekend training later available for participants to review and to work with. This is for participants only and is not made public!

About homework:

The time spent in solo or small group practice is absolutely essential to your success in the course.  This was the ancient way; this is also the modern way.  Consider your commitment to your practice to be a commitment to yourself.  Meet the challenge with integrity.  To learn and practice and be supported like this is a rare and amazing opportunity.

The ‘homework’ will consist of some written assignments and reflections on the process and the principles as well as various experiential practices. This includes regular daily practice and your practice log.  You will be empowered to self-regulate your practice time.

Each month you will be given a clear written outline of the homework.

All monthly homework (written assignments and practice logs) should be either printed or photocopied and turned in during the next monthly class meeting.

This includes:

All homework is held confidentially by Teja and the mentoring staff.

Homework is not graded, judged or responded to, but used to determine the best ways to help your development in the practice.

Qualifying for Level 1 Certification: This depends upon your participation overall.  You don’t have to become a qigong master, but competence in the essential principles and skills is our goal.  Developing competency, not mastery, is what is required to effectively lead a Level 1 RHQ session.

This includes:

  • Attendance in all classes, mid-month calls and small group activities
    • If you have a known attendance conflict, if possible please make arrangements in advance to make up the class.
    • In the event of missing a class you will be responsible for contacting a mentor and accessing the necessary resources to keep you up to speed. You will be fully supported in this process. Ideally you will make up the class prior to our next meeting the following month.
  • Submission of all homework assignments and practice logs
  • A gradual or developing ability in demonstrating proficient understanding of Radiant Heart Qigong principles and practices.
  • The ability to energetically and verbally communicate the essential elements in presentation.

The development of sangha (community) is one of the richest aspects of this training.  You are encouraged to make a connection with others in the training – connecting with other students and with your mentors truly supports your growth and is a forum for reflection and insight.

I truly look forward to being with you on this incredible adventure of transformation, embodied well-being, self-discovery and universal insight. This works!

Teja Bell